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Finding what’s new with Operational Decision Manager 8.10.x

By Peter Gilliver posted Mon April 15, 2019 01:25 AM

BAI Dashboard showing aspects of a loan approval application
IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.10.1 was released last month. The release contains fixes and corrections along with new features such as:
The documentation improvements for the knowledge center also include a change to the way new features are identified. The same knowledge center applies to all releases in the 8.10.x series, and the what’s new section now includes the what’s new topics from all the releases in that series. There are also markers (flags) throughout the knowledge center so you can identify which areas have been updated with information for new features—and which parts of the documentation only apply to specific releases.

What's new topics in the Knowledge Center for Operational Decision Manager V8.10.1

The flags are searchable. For example, searching the knowledge center for “New in 8.10.1” (with quotes) will give a list of all the topics about features new to 8.10.1.

Some things have not changed, however. You can still get a summary of what’s new in each release from the online education section of the Digital Business Automation Community, which recently replaced the ODM Developer Center. The summary for Operational Decision Manager 8.10.1 has just been made available.

Of course, you can also stay up to date with current events through blogs like this one, and take part in conversations about Operational Decision Manager by joining the Decisions Group community.