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New Techzone environment for IBM RPA 23.0.0 with IBM MQ

By Jukka Juselius posted Tue December 20, 2022 06:54 AM

Hello practitioners!

As you are aware, the version 23.0.0 is out. For on-prem / containers it was released Dec 16 and majority of the SaaS regions were updated Dec 17. You can find the release information HERE. At the same time, we're announcing the version 21.0.7 as our LTSR for the upcoming year.

Version 23.0.0 has a couple of interesting new features like the Bots API and enhanced support email integrations. This is why I created and released a new IBM RPA 23.0.0 Techzone environment. So, if you want to test out the latest version, you can easily provision it from IBM Techzone. The link is

The environment has two user accounts (Administrator and Developer) pre-configured for your convenience. You can find all the needed information from the Techzone collection page following the link above.

You might have also noticed that our recommendation for the IBM RPA system queue provider has been, already for sometime, IBM MQ (for on-prem deployment). IBM MQ is one of the most robust and reliable messing platforms out there and nowadays it comes together with IBM RPA as a supporting software (included to the license fee). This is why I installed IBM MQ and configured it as the system queue provider for this new IBM RPA 23.0.0 environment.

The environment itself can be used with RDP via public network. When your environment is ready, you will see the RDP link in your environment page and within the email that is automatically sent to you from Techzone. ALSO, the server and the agent API ports are opened for external testing.


P.S. If you experience any issues with the environment, do not hesitate to contact me directly, thanks!