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Practical tips of applying Decision Management at a real client

By James Taylor posted Fri July 22, 2022 06:49 PM

Hopefully you are all familiar with @DAVID Jenness and his Automation Expose series where practitioners share "gory details and lessons learned" from a real world automation project. He recently asked Decision Management Solutions if we could do one based on years of experience helping companies automate decisions. Ryan Trollip, our CTO, and Jean Smit presented this week on Automation Expose Decision Automation at a North American Bank​. They did a great job of showing how a focus on decisions, decision modeling and IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) can empower the business, drive agility and improve consistency and straight through processing.

There are some great questions - about how such a system responds to policy changes (the decision model makes impact analysis easy and ODM makes the change easy), how fast you can build these systems (we get from zero to a working slice in about 12 weeks), what a good rate of straight through processing is (varies but we have seen companies get to 50% STP from 0% in just 250 days of continuous improvement) and more.

See the deck that Ryan Trollip presented here

Check out the video recording of the full session:

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