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IBM Automation Document Processing AI-powered services in IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

By BIBHUDATTA MOHAPATRA posted Mon March 15, 2021 04:03 AM


IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP) provides AI-powered services that automatically read and correct data from your documents. The capabilities in ADP help you to build an AI-powered data enrichment tool for document processing and storage. 

ADP is newly introduced in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation V20.0.3 release. ADP combines AI and deep learning with low code tooling to help you design, configure, and deploy a solution for document classification and data extraction. 

With low code application, you can design deep learning models without the need of data scientists and provide trained models for recognized document types such as invoices, bills, purchase orders, or tax forms etc. You can create new intelligent document processes and extend applications to take advantage of uncovered patterns and insights.  

In enterprises level, manual document processing cannot accomplish the number of documents and data that get created every day. Enterprises need digital transformation initiatives for speeding up the time, resources and to automate the document processing. The ADP services are designed to establish high confidence levels that manual validation can be reduced. In document processing, documents or batches of documents that are categorized and extracted, hence, you can quickly catch and correct the issues. Then, processing completes, your documents and data are stored, and ready for use in the next application.

For more information, see Automation Document Processing.