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IBM Storage Rocks 🚀 | Weekly IBM Storage News | 28 June 2024

  • 1.  IBM Storage Rocks 🚀 | Weekly IBM Storage News | 28 June 2024

    Posted 17 days ago
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    We're back with our series IBM Storage Rocks 🚀 highlighting all of the great content, events, and announcements in IBM Storage. Enjoy our curated content to stay informed and in the loop!

    📣 Announcements & Highlights

    The full IBM TechXchange 2024 session catalog was been published on June 27th, for this worldwide Oct 21-24, 2024 IBM technical conference!   See all the Storage sessions here.  See a recap of last year's conference here.

    If you're interested in attending, remember to use the special IBM Storage TechXchange discount registration URL as described here, to get $480 discount off the standard registration TechXchange tuition fee!  

    📆 Events

    9 July | Webinar: Getting to know IBM Storage Defender Data Protect

    16 July | Webinar: IBM Fusion + Red Hat OpenShift – Seamless Virtualization + Containers

    16 July |  Web Event:  IBM TechXchange AI and Automation Day

    17 July | Seoul, Korea – IBM TechXchange: Storage LTO Deep Dive

    6-7 August | San Jose, California – IBM TechXchange: West Coast IBM Storage Scale User Forum

    💬 Trending discussions

    Check out these discussions in IBM Storage and share your expertise: 

    👉 IBM Storage Defender posted in the Global Storage Forum
    👉 Shutting Down a HyperSwap site  posted in Global Storage Forum

    👉 Help and ideas into how to containerize IBM Scale posted in File and Object Storage Forum

    Access self-service demos!

    👉 See a live, read-only demo of IBM Storage Insights – monitor, view live instance!  See more about Storage Insights here.  See tutorials about Storage Insights here.
    👉 See a FlashSystem Product Tour here. Explore management, copy services, cyber resiliency, performance, much more!

    New or Updated IBM Storage Redbooks

    👉 IBM Storage Scale System Introduction Guide (ESS)

    👉 IBM Storage Ceph Concepts and Architecture Guide

    👉 IBM FlashCore Module (FCM) Product Guide: FCM4 with AI-ransomware detection
    👉 IBM Diamondback Tape Library Guide

    👉 Unlocking Data Insights and AI: IBM Storage Ceph as a Data Lakehouse Platform for IBM and Beyond

    📝 Blog Highlight

    By popular demand, many have told us to remind you of this top-rated, very popular Storage Community blog by Barry Whyte.  If you like this, you'll love Barry Whyte's blog!

    👉   Can your storage alert you to cyber attacks in under a minute? IBM FlashCore Modules Gen4 (FCM4) can ...

    IBM Storage Champion Spotlight


    Meet Marcus König , an Advanced Technical Specialist and Managing Director at Systemethix , whose journey in technology and passion for IBM products has shaped his career into a compelling story of innovation and collaboration. 

    The IBM Champions
    program, including the IBM Rising Champions Advocacy Badge program, exists because of outstanding IBM technology advocates - clients, business partners, consultants, and educators. They inspire and motivate us all to share and exchange their and our stories, knowledge, and expertise with the world, all beyond the scope of just their jobs. They embody Community!

    See more about the IBM Champions program
    here.  See the IBM Champions Community home page here.

    🚀 IBM Storage Corner 

    @Thomas_Harrer shares about the IBM Cyber Academy Brussels event , which was held on 3-6 June at the IBM Belgique-Luxembourg office in Brussels, Belgium. IBMers and Business Partners gathered for intensive days of learning and discussing the cyber threat landscape, including NIS2 and DORA as regulatory drivers to implement Cyber Resilience. The Cyber Practice Program in EMEA, led by David Chancellor-Maddison, Gonzalo de la Hoz, and me welcomed more than 80 participants and new members to the Cyber Academy community.

    Presentations featured valuable solutions and insights from IBM Security, IBM Storage, and Partners to better serve customers in managing their Cyber Resiliency needs.

    Sophia Antar & John Sing  @John Sing

    IBM TechXchange Community Team