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Zero to Hybrid Integration in 20 minutes

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Fri July 10, 2020 08:52 AM

Integrating your SaaS applications to your on-premises systems may appear difficult at first.

  • You may not be sure what tools are required, and where the boundaries are for the different technical environments.
  • You also may not be sure what skills are required.

The following demonstration shows how this task may be approached by taking a real-world requirement and detailing the steps taken to bring the solution to life.

In this short video we capture new leads generated in, and show how to route these events to another SaaS application, Google Sheets, and back to an on-premises system for further action by back-office processes.

See the different roles of an integration developer, an API developer and a line of business analyst (or Citizen Integrator) and watch how they complete the tasks and create a hybrid integration solution, using IBM Integration bus, API Connect and App Connect, together comprising IBM Application Integration Suite.

This demonstration is a live build and test, and shows all the steps in detail to make leads captured in the web UI available to an on-premises application.

Click here to open the video