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Explore these additional offerings that combine with IBM MQ to provide seamless customer experiences and reliable operations. See how businesses are extending IBM MQ to streamline data flow, enhance connectivity, and analyze transaction data in real-time.

Use case #1

Real-time transaction data analysis with IBM Event Automation

  • IBM MQ enables businesses to access real-time streams of information from thousands of events occurring daily within the organization.
  • IBM MQ can be a key source of real-time events representing business transactions and changes. MQ-Kafka source and sink connectors in IBM Event Automation enable seamless connectivity between IBM MQ and Event Streaming, turning messages into real-time business events.
  • When connected to IBM MQ, IBM Event Automation makes it easy to put events to work. Both business and IT teams can define critical scenarios in a user-friendly authoring canvas and promptly detect their occurrence.

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Watch this webcast to see how IBM Event Automation puts events to work by enabling business and IT users to detect situations, act in real time, and trigger automations when it matters most.

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View this explainer video that talks about event distribution, discovery, and processing that any business needs to become event driven and start acting and automating in real time.

Webcast: Real-time transaction data analysis with IBM Event Automation

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Use case #2

Enhance connectivity, reliability, and security with IBM MQ Advanced

  • IBM MQ Advanced enables seamless delivery of critical data for real-time event response through MQ sink and source connectors for Apache Kafka, while also ensuring secure file transfer between systems via IBM MQ Advanced Managed File Transfer (MFT).
  • IBM MQ Replicated Data Queue Managers provide highly available, resilient architecture during outages, while the IBM MQ Advanced certified container offers a production-ready image with built-in high availability options.
  • IBM MQ Advanced Message Security (AMS) ensures end-to-end data protection through encryption or digital signing while detecting and removing rogue or unauthorized messages, verifying integrity during transit, and protecting critical data across the network.

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Visit this product site to learn more about IBM MQ Advanced.

Share this flyer that highlights how IBM MQ Advanced offers MQ sink and source connectors for Apache Kafka, facilitating real-time reactions to events occurring in core systems.

Use case #3

Streamline data flow for seamless customer experiences with IBM App Connect

  • IDC reports that over 50% of organizations have over 100 applications in their portfolio and rely on a mix of cloud and SaaS applications for daily operations. Ensuring seamless customer experiences and supporting business operations requires uninterrupted data flow across all core systems.
  • IBM MQ facilitates the secure and reliable exchange of information between applications, systems, services, and files via messaging queues. This is further enhanced by combining IBM MQ with IBM App Connect, ensuring secure, assured message delivery among data sources with varying protocols or data formats.
  • The AI-powered designer interface of IBM App Connect enables seamless data mapping and transformation suggestions between source and target apps. It simplifies event-driven flow creation, connecting various sources like MQ, Salesforce, Marketo, SAP, etc., and triggering automatic actions across connected apps upon system events.

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Watch this webcast to learn how IBM App Connect, now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), simplifies connectivity and accelerates automation, supporting businesses in their digital transformation.  

View this demo that showcases how businesses can effortlessly add, edit, and build integration flows using IBM App Connect Designer. 

Explore this 30-day free trial to experience the power of IBM App Connect on AWS.

What users are saying about IBM App Connect

“You can connect your applications in minutes, whether they are on the cloud or a private network, and with minimum coding experience needed. Easy to assimilate and get going.”

- Bradley W., Enterprise company

“[App Connect] gives us ample ways to create a manageable, secure, fast and reliable service or API which is easy to host and requires less support. Although the software comes with inbuilt logging integration option, […] it gives us more nodes to explore.”

- Abhishek S., Mid-Market company

"This platform is excellent for connecting apps and is flexible and easy to use. I like that you can easily access our internal data and everything in the cloud, and you can trust this product at first sight."

- Claire L., Small business