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The Resurgence of Event Driven Architecture Webinar 

15 days ago

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Event driven architecture originally rose to popularity in the early 2000s, and it was far from new even then. However, topics described at the time such as event sourcing, complex event processing, and related concepts such as domain driven design have risen to the surface again. Cloud native principles, containerization, microservices, and the success of open source projects such as Apache Kafka have brought new relevance to these patterns. It is clear that RESTful APIs are not the only game in town for component interactions, but the interplay between APIs and events is subtle. We’ll explore the most common patterns in use today, their pros and cons, and consider what role events are likely to play in enterprise architecture in the future.

Kim Clark
Kim Clark
Integration Architect and Strategist

Kim is a technical strategist on IBMs integration portfolio working as an architect providing guidance to the offering management team on current trends and challenges. He has spent the last couple of decades working in the field implementing integration and process related solutions. He is one of the primary authors behind much of IBMs agile integration material ( and he writes and presents regularly on integration architecture and design topics.