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Check out these utilities to convert from WebSphere ESB to IBM Integration Bus v9

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Tue July 14, 2020 05:27 AM

Take a look at these additional utilities I developed in support of WebSphere ESB (WESB) to IBM Integration Bus (IIB) conversion. Features BO Map conversion and Failed Event Management.

1) WebSphere ESB BO Map to IBM Integration Bus Graphical Data Map (GDM) conversion utilities to accelerate the BO Map conversion

Materials available from GitHub

These utilities uses IBM Integration Bus v9.0 message flows and ESQL to convert WebSphere ESB BO Map files (XML) to IBM Integration Bus Graphical Data Mapper files (XML).
There are two IBM Integration Bus workspaces provided:
1) The CONVERTn workspace contains the IBM Integration Bus message flows that will perform the transformation of BO Map XML files to IBM GDM XML files. The messages flows use FileInput and FileOutput nodes to read and write the source and target XML files.
The File I/O nodes are configured to target the 2nd IBM Integration Bus workspace
2) the TARGET workspace which contains a WESBSourceResourcesApp Application which contains WESB mediation and BO Maps and the XML Schema definitions that are reference by them. There is a placehold ConvertedResourcesApp application which is where the converted artifacts will be placed so they can be opened in the IIB Toolkit/Studio.

The BOMap conversion and Java harvester is: File_WESBMaptoGDMMapJavaHarvester.msgflow

This utility is a work in progess and at this point in time it will attempt to do the following:
1) Create an IBM Integration Bus graphical map for each BOMap in the TARGET\WESBSourceResourcesApp
2) Associate the correct XML Schema for the input and output sides of the map.
3) Harvest any Java code from the source BO Map and write it to a separate Java file
4) For simple maps that contain source to target moves only those moves/associations will be created.

Therefore, at this point in time the utility represents a rudimentary capability that demonstrates how to navigate BO Map XML and create IIB GDM XML.

The WESB meditaion file parser : File_WESBMedFlowParseBuildMapDetail.msgflow

This message flow parses the WESB .medflow file and captures details about all/any WESB BOMaps that the mediation flow calls as part of its processing and writes them to a file. This information is useful for the re-associtation of converted BOMap, IBM Integration Bus Graphical data maps (GDM) equivalents with the IBM Integration Bus messages flows that will call them.
The IBM Integration Bus WebSphere ESB Conversion tool (shipped with IBM Integration Bus) will convert WESB mediations to message flows and place an un-configured Mapping node in the flow as a place holder.

The ObjectAssociation pattern

This is an IBM Integration Bus pattern that includes Java code written to the IBM Integration API which allows for the programmatic creation and manipulation of IIB objects such as message flows. The pattern is an example of how you might use the API to associate newly converted IBM Integration Bus graphical data maps (message maps) with IBM Integration Bus message flows converted from WESB mediations. This ObjectAssociation pattern could be extended to use the meta-data captured by the File_WESBMedFlowParseBuildMapDetail.msgflow.

2) IBM Integration Bus Failed Event Management (FEM) Utility

Materials available from GitHub

The IBM Integration Bus (IIB) v9.0 Failed Event Management Utility (FEMU) facilitates the capture and store for resubmission of events (or messages) that for whatever reason an IIB message flow cannot deliver. The failure may be due to a transient problem with the network or a failure to validate the data content of the message for example. Based on a group identifier (an employee id for example) the FEMU will also manage events (or messages) that are related to the original failure by queuing those messages (in order) until some resubmission action is taken against the original failure. This means by identifying how messages are grouped, related messages can be managed and kept in order by that group identifier even in the case of a failure, whilst messages with a different value for that group identifier continue to flow uninterrupted. The IBM products, WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus had a component called the Failed Event Manager that provided this style of failure management.

The operational tooling is facilitated by the IIB Record and Replay capability. A FEMToolingWrapper subflow is supplied to wrapper the runtime FEMU subflows enabling resubmission of failed events via the IIB Web GUI.

Supported re-submission options are:

  • ReplayOnly: Replay the original failed event directing it to is original out path and release all blocked events of the same GroupID to the original out path
  • RedirectFirstOnly: Redirect the original failed event to an alternative out path and release all blocked events of the same GroupID to the original out path
  • RedirectAll: Redirect the original failed event and all blocked events of the same GroupID to the alternative out path.
  • RedirectAllPermanent: Redirect the original failed event, all blocked events of the same GroupID and any new events of the same GroupID to the alternative out path
  • ClearRedirectAllPerm: Manually clear the RedirectAllPermanent for the GroupID – this function does not propagate the event to an out path.

Detailed documentation can be found in the PDFs located in the FEMDocumentation folder. Sample test data and a harness to drive it are provided. Sample scripts for the set up of IBM Integration Bus Record and Replay and a test MQ environment are provided.

2 comments on"Check out these utilities to convert from WebSphere ESB to IBM Integration Bus v9"

  1. Lalsaheb July 19, 2019

    can records with same name exists in same BO in TRIRIGA?

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    • Dave_Arnold July 23, 2019

      Hi. can you elaborate on the question please. The utilities deal with the conversion of WESB maps to IIB GDM more so than Business Objects themselves or Tririga specifics. cheers