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MQ Server Restart ( Z/os ) Recommended Frequency

  • 1.  MQ Server Restart ( Z/os ) Recommended Frequency

    Posted Tue June 06, 2023 09:37 AM

    I saw mention of this post by Morag.

    But, I have a suspicion that in some cases, it might not be such a good idea not to restart every so often.
    I am working with a customer CASE where they restart their MQ Z/os Servers ONLY twice a year.

    I am wondering if this may relate to the exhaustion of the ALETs in their System.
    Per the customer:

    I looked at the PASN-AL for ASID 1 and yes, it appears to be full. (510 Access List Entries allowed minus your MAXCAD value in IEASYSxx).

    Looking at the entries, 238 of them would appear to be ALETs referencing 2 specific address spaces:


    MQI3MSTR (ASID 382)

    They are running MQ V9.1 on Z/os, and I have not seen any other customer suffering this issue.


    Eli Adler
    Technical Support
    Markham ON