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  • 1.  Load Testing API

    Posted Tue April 19, 2022 06:55 AM
    Edited by Vinita Gaonkar Tue April 19, 2022 06:56 AM
    Hello Team,

    We have an "Token" Api, which is been load tested in UAT environment

    when we as developer, when we test we are getting response in 112 millisecond.
    when the testing team load test it with 50 users at same time they are getting response in more than 29 sec
    Could you please provide resolution for how we can ensure that API gives response in certain millisecond when 50 users are requesting it at same time.

    Vinita Gaonkar

  • 2.  RE: Load Testing API

    Posted Thu April 28, 2022 08:57 AM
    This cannot be solved with API development approach, please look after your Gateway Enviroment administration like what CPU & Memory usage and Network level logs.

    Jayprakash Yadav