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Business Automation Workflow JMS Support

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    Posted Thu April 16, 2020 12:16 PM
    Hi - not sure if this is the correct place to post my question but I'm struggling to find information on how to configure JMS putMessage capability within BAW.

    I have configured the MQ putMessage capability from within the shipped integration.jar package but JMS is causing me some issues.

    There is no documentation on the values expected in the fields for Data Mapping within the Designer toolkit when setting up the JMS parameters.

    The options I'm presented with are:

    The Data Mapping Options for JMS putMessage service within Business Automation Workflow v18.0

    The error returned when I attempt to test the connection is:

    CWTBG0019E: Unexpected exception during execution. Exception information: 'com.lombardisoftware.component.common.workflow.WorkflowProcessItemException:'.

    There is very little information on what is expected.

    Any help greatly appreciated.



    Tony Poole