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API Connect and DataPower 2018.4.1.6 is here!

By ROB THELEN posted Tue June 11, 2019 03:11 PM

In addition to over 60 APARs and over 200 issues, we have shipped a number of pretty cool features for both API Connect and DataPower in the latest release, available today!

Release notes for API Connect here: LINK

Release notes for DataPower here: LINK


Release highlights:

Added security for the Developer Portal.  One of the most important parts of any API strategy is how developers onboard themselves to your APIs and Products.  The danger of having a public developer portal, of course, is that hackers could try to force their way through the front door by hitting it with hundreds of logins.  Enter Flood Control.  You can set security standards that only allow a certain number of failed logins before having to take a break.

[caption id="attachment_11110" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Easy to use security options to limit access attempts[/caption]

Check out the documentation here: LINK

Updated Developer User Experience in API Connect.  This set of features is REALLY cool and worth checking out as soon as possible. This new experience has been the result of hundreds of hours of interviews, design, and iteration.  We wanted to understand WHAT developers did over and over again in the UI and we found a simple flow: 1. Build an API, 2. Turn it on, 3. Test it, 4. Add/iterate  - repeat.  We took this flow and made it super easy to turn on APIs in a Sandbox catalog.

Check out the documentation here: LINK

New Map Policy Features (v5c Gateway only).  You can now generate default values inside of a Map Policy.  If an API Call does not have all of the fields required by a map, certain fields can be set to default, so they can be used by the backend.  In the past, this could be done with Gateway script, but this addition makes it much faster for those not experienced with Gateway Script/JS.

Check out the documentation here: LINK

Analytics exposed as Open API.  One of the biggest leaps forward between API Connect v5 and API Connect v2018 is the CI/CD capabilities that are available out of the box as OpenAPIs.  By exposing just about everything as an OpenAPI, DevOps teams can automate just about everything.  In v2018.4.1.6, we added to the corpus of APIs with additional Analytics APIs, allowing developers and Ops to call key catalog and space-related analytics in seconds.

APIC OpenAPI Explorer: Link

Want to try out all of the cool additions, APARs, etc? Check out the sites below.  They provide links to fix central and the APARs.

API Connect v2018.4.1.6 APARs/form factors: LINK

DataPower v2018.4.1.6 APARs/form factors: LINK








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