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WAIOps v3.3 - Part 01 : Watson AIOps 3.3 Demo Setup

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Fri May 06, 2022 12:29 PM


This article explains about Watson AIOps 3.3.0 demo setup with iLender Application for log anomaly detection.

The article is based on the the following

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.8 on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AIOps 3.3.0

Operational Architecture

Here is the Operational architecture that we are going to setup.

  • OpenShift 4.8 Cluster is installed on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AIOps AIManager is installed on this cluster.
  • Humio logging system is installed on the same OCP Cluster
  • iLender Application is also deployed on the same OCP cluster.

1. Watson AIOps 3.3 Installation

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1.1 Watson AIOps 3.3.0 Installation and demo setup requirements

Details ...

1.2 Installing Watson AIOps AI-Manager on ROKS Details ...

2. Setup Tools for Integration

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3.1 Install Humio Setup Humio in the same OCP Cluster OCP Cluster

Details ...

3.2 Create Slack acccount Setup free slack account and create workspace, channels and slack app Slack Details
3.3 Create ServiceNow Instance Procure a ServiceNow Developer Instance ServiceNow Details ...
Up and Running
3.4 Install SnowPlugin ServiceNow Details ...

Up and Running
3.5 Create Sample Incidents in Service now ServiceNow Details

3. Setup Managed Environment

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4.1 Install iLender app Install iLender app on the managed environment


4. Setup Data and Tool Configurations

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5.1 Setup Slack Integration Integrate with Slack collaboration platform. Need to copy nginx certificate as well.


5.2 Setup Humio Integration  


5.3 Setup Servicenow Integration   Details
5.4 Setup Kubernetes Integration   Details

5. Application Management

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6.1 Create Application from Resource Groups


6. AI Model Management

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7.1 Create Training Definition for Log Anomaly Detection


7.2 Create Training Definition for Similar Incidents


7.3 Enable Story Creation Policy


7.4 Runbook Automation


7. Training

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8.1 Generate Load Generate the load for the app


8.2 Log Anomaly Detection training Create load in app, enable Data flow on humio integration, selction the mode, start the Log Anomaly Detection training Details
8.4 Similar Incidents training Enable Data flow on Servicenow integration, selction the mode, start the Similar Incidents training Details

8. Inferencing

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9.1 Demo Script Prepare demo script to introduce log anomaly and ingest events


9.2 Run Demo Run the demo script to induce error in credtiscore service based on the load


9.3 Check Stories on Web and Slack Check the stories created by WA


9.4 Resolving Incident Resolving Incident