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WAIOps v3.3 - Part 13 : Inferencing - Resolve Incidents

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Fri May 06, 2022 12:28 PM


This article explains about how to resolve incidents using the Runbook in Watson AIOps.

The article is based on the the following

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.8 on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AI-Ops 3.3.0

1. Execute RunBook

  1. Click on Runbook icon in the alert.

Story Viewer

  1. Select the Preview menu. Story Viewer

  2. Click on Run runbook. Story Viewer

  3. Click on Run runbook. Story Viewer

  4. Click on Run in Step1. Story Viewer

  5. Click on Complete in Step1. Story Viewer

  6. Click on Runbook worked. Story Viewer

The runbook is executed. The probelm should have been resolved.

2. Mark resolved in Story

  1. Click on Mark As Resolved button in Slack Story Slack Story

  2. Click on Submit button to resolve the Slack Story Slack Story

  3. Story is closed automatically once it is resolved Slack Story

  4. In Stories and Alerts page also the story is shown as Resolved Slack Story

  5. In ServiceNow also the story is Resolved Slack Story