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What's New with Trusteer

  • 1.  What's New with Trusteer

    Posted Tue January 22, 2019 11:13 AM
    Trusteer product news
    • Welcome, Pinpoint Verify. We wanted to be sure you saw our Nov 2018 announce of this newest Pinpoint family addition, which enhances protection by enabling visible step-up authentication when needed.
    • New identity risk via mobile.When evaluating your customers' mobile enrollments, you can now do so via the Mobile SDK in addition to, as always, the Pinpoint Assure back-end API.
    • Mobile sample code.To facilitate your Trusteer Mobile SDK integration efforts we've posted sample code, for iOS and Android, to the Customer Portal -- enjoy, we hope you find it useful! Feedback welcome.
    • Infrastructure upgrade.Over the next few months we are transparently rolling out upgrades to the Trusteer infrastructure to address rapidly growing demand (we're now at 40+ billion interactions/month).
    Did you know?
    • Mule protection.Did you know that Trusteer also identifies mule accounts? Contact your Trusteer rep to start putting this added value to use!
    • Fake banking apps.A recent trend on Google Play, of fake mobile banking apps stealing personal data, has raised customer concern in Europe and beyond. No worries: Trusteer has been working to rapidly identify the apps, alerting customers with exposed users and reporting the apps to Google.
    • PSD2.We are working with many customers in the EU on PSD2 compliance. If you are interested in knowing more about what Trusteer can do for you in this area, reach out to your representative.

    Kelly Lappin