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What's New with Trusteer, March 2019

  • 1.  What's New with Trusteer, March 2019

    Posted Thu March 28, 2019 09:30 AM
    Product Highlights for March

    Not a playing matter. Recently, on Google Play store, Trusteer detected SMS stealer malware attacking Trusteer customers by using SMS messages to hijack One Time Passwords. The SMS stealer, which has multiple variants, is deceptively designed, using a very legitimate looking logo to lure a bank's customers in. Trusteer Mobile SDK is able to detect the presence of malware and immediately sends an alert so you can mark the device as compromised. When Trusteer Pinpoint is also deployed, Pinpoint sends you the alert and takes this information into account to assess risk when the account is later accessed or the device used. 

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    Trusteer Pinpoint for the mobile channel. Fraudulent mobile devices have a unique footprint; for example, the battery is always 100% charged or an abnormal number of financial applications are installed. We recently enhanced Pinpoint risk assessment to help better identify and detect of such risk factors when assessing new mobile devices. 

    Trusteer Pinpoint for all digital channels: IP address intelligence. For years, IP addresses have been used as a contributor in establishing digital identity context; it can, however, be tricky and cause false positives. Constantly focused on keeping false positives low, we have enhanced Pinpoint to now also detect LAN (internals) IP, and support dynamic and self-learning whitelisting functionality, to help achieve low false positives when marking IP as bad.

    Christine Defazio