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What's new in IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint

  • 1.  What's new in IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint

    Posted Sun April 26, 2020 11:36 AM
    Edited by DIANE BENJUYA Sun August 16, 2020 06:18 AM

    Ed. note: For the most recent What's New, posted Aug 2020, we invite you to go here.

    IBM Security Trusteer helps brands
    to accelerate digital growth by providing digital identity trust, simplify access with frictionless continuous authentication across all digital user journeys, and through layering fraud detection with Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems

    As we keep relentlessly innovating, simplifying and hardening, we wanted to take a pause and share with you some of the new capabilities that we introduced into Trusteer Pinpoint during the last few months.

    • Detection of Remote Overlay Attacks: Attackers monitor infected users' web browsing activity and insert themselves into the user's online session in real time. Detection of these types of attacked were enhanced with new behavioral biometric based machine learning models.

    • Introduction of more machine learning based behavioral models helping to identify malicious sessions based on the user's navigation through the site.

    • For mobile apps, we enhanced the detection of emulators, 'bad' devices, and the detection of many types of mobile-specific malware.

    • As the use of aggregators in compiling information from different accounts into a single place is growing, we enhanced and improved the detection of these bots to enable our customers to monitor, react, and potentially block sessions that were not initiated by humans.

    • To simplify and speed-up how quickly you can integrate Pinpoint into your apps, we enhanced the use of snippets so that you can use a single snippet across all your app. (The snippets are the small sections of code that you embed into your app to send information about the current session to the Pinpoint servers.) In addition, snippet performance in single page applications (SPA) was improved.

    • To keep account profile and history information, Pinpoint requires an identifier for each user. For customers that cannot provide the user ID using the snippets and the callback function, we enabled the option to send (encrypted) user information in the session_info handler.  

    • If you have a mobile app, you might also be interested to learn that we released IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK 5.0, including a new set of APIs named SDK-S, for a quicker and simpler deployment. For more information, see the mobile documentation

    For more information, head to the customer portal, where you will find the most recent documentation. 

    Let us know what you think, and keep us informed on how we can further help your business and security teams to partner in unlocking innovation and growth.

    Beery Holstein
    Offering Manager, IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Portfolio