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V51 DB Version Upgrade Impact - PLEASE REVIEW

  • 1.  V51 DB Version Upgrade Impact - PLEASE REVIEW

    Posted Tue October 31, 2023 10:02 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    As part of this upcoming release we've upgraded the database version from postgresql 12 to 14.

    The impact of this is very similar to when we last upgraded the DB version in V43.

    As a consequence of this we require more DB space than would normally be the case as we have a high water mark of having both a 12 and 14 DB concurrently during the upgrade. Because of this, the upgrade will not proceed unless the filesystem containing the database has sufficient space available. The expected amount required during the upgrade is 1.5 times the existing database size, plus 10GB margin, is available.

    The attached doc explains the logic behind the space requirements and the upgrade procedure itself, while the attached script allows you to run this in advance of any upgrade and it effectively performs the various checks described in the doc.

    We hope these will allow you plan in advance for any potential impacts caused by the one off upgrade scenario

    As usual, we welcome any feedback or questions on this topic.

    Martin Feeney
    Product Manager, IBM Security QRadar SOAR