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Support for RHEL 8

  • 1.  Support for RHEL 8

    Posted Fri May 19, 2023 07:02 AM

    Hi All,

    As you are no doubt aware RHEL 7.9 will become EOL in June next year. We already have customers contacting us about needing to move to RHEL 8 this year for internal compliance reasons.

    To achieve this we will be releasing support for RHEL 8 in V50 (Q3 timeframe).

    The recommended approach involves migrating to a new RHEL 8 VM.

    If you are using your own RHEL VM, then the responsibility for upgrading to RHEL 8 lies with you, but if you do successfully upgrade to RHEL 8 then V50 will be supported on that instance.

    We will provide more details in due course as testing finalises however we want to give some advance notice that planning will be required to make this transition. E.g. factoring in a lead time to provision a new VM.

    We will support new features on RHEL7 and RHEL8 for V50 only. From V51 onwards, new features will only be provided on RHEL8.

    Security updates and hotfixes will be provided on RHEL7 until June next year.

    You should also note that if you are running old python 2 based integrations on your existing appliance, these are not supported on RHEL8 so plans should be drawn up to upgrade them to python 3.

    Please feel free to reach out to the product management team or any of your IBM contacts if you have questions about this.

    More details will follow but equally if there are specific concerns, then we can make sure these are addressed in those subsequent updates.

    Martin Feeney
    Product Manager, IBM Security SOAR