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SOAR Release Versioning Change from V51

  • 1.  SOAR Release Versioning Change from V51

    Posted Mon October 23, 2023 04:46 AM
    Edited by Wendy Batten Tue October 24, 2023 09:39 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    As you know IBM Security QRadar SOAR typically releases feature updates each quarter and patch updates each month. The version numbering schema for these follows the pattern of Vxx.y, e.g. V50 is the feature version and V50.1 is a patch version.

    In order to align with the standard IBM support lifecycle we need to change our release numbering which will comply with Version, Release, Modification and Fix (V.R.M.F.) as described here;

    There is no impact on our current release cadence as a consequence of this change.

    Your current product support is a minimum of 1 year from each Vxx release version as documented here

    With this versioning change technical support for a Version or Release will be at least 2 years from the planned availability date, as long as your Subscription and Support is in effect. There may be options to extend. For additional information see Support Cycle under the Support Lifecycle Policies.

    Note, we would plan to stay on the V51.0 support lifecycle for sometime to come and will increment the M and F version numbers to reflect our quarterly and monthly updates.

    Starting from our November release, V51, we will be moving to the following release numbering scheme which if we assume the usual monthly cadence would look something like;


    Old Number system 

    New Number system

    November 2023 



    December 2023



    January 2024



    February 2024



    March 2024



    April 2024



    You may notice some change in the online docs "whats new" to align with the above change but the intention is to still support the ability to see changes across versions.

    Martin Feeney
    Product Manager, IBM Security QRadar SOAR