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SLA: any news?

  • 1.  SLA: any news?

    Posted Thu September 22, 2022 11:40 AM
    When you create an automatic playbook for a task and you want to use the condition "If due date is past by" the granularity level is at 'days'.

    I should say "still at days" because the idea to provide granularity at the minute level has been proposed since 2018.
    SLAs are an important part of any SOC.  I have searched in this forum and I have not seen simple workaround solutions.

    How do people cope with the absence of this functionality which, by the way, is already present but unusable due to its insufficient granularity?
    Any examples of scripts, rules, playbooks?

    PS: I already voted for the idea of 'minute' granularity at:


    Pierre Dufresne