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  • 1.  RHEL 8.x Compatibility Issue

    Posted Wed June 22, 2022 03:02 AM
    HI Everyone,

    Below screen displays drop down it contains RHEL 8 is supported but we need to integrate the DB running with RHEL - 8.4 and 8.5.
    Is those are compatible? Kindly suggest us

    Sathya Narayanan

    sathya Janakiraman

  • 2.  RE: RHEL 8.x Compatibility Issue

    Posted Wed June 29, 2022 01:21 AM
    HI Everyone,

    Can anyone reply for this?

    Panendar Rao.C


  • 3.  RE: RHEL 8.x Compatibility Issue

    Posted Fri July 01, 2022 09:39 AM
    Hi Sathya,
    Yes, RHEL 8 is covered. Please note that RHEL db servers will likely need an updated KTAP.  
    It looks like the very latest one is Guardium_KTAP_11.4_rhel-8-linux-x86-64_r111573_2022-05-26.
    You should download the zip file and look in the ktap_combos.txt file for your specific OS version/kernel. An example of one is 5.4.17-2102.206.1.el8uek.x86_64.

    Installing KTAPs requires a little extra work and if your RHEL systems are getting updated pretty frequently, you will have to stay on top of them.
    Be sure to install the STAP first - with KTAP_ENABLED=0, KTAP_ALLOW_MODULE_COMBOS=Y, KTAP_LIVE_UPDATE=Y
    Once installed, then upload the KTAP and install it next with KTAP_ENABLED=1.

    There is a lot more but this is the short version. 

    If you are on the very latest version, you might have to request a KTAP. The process is at:

    More information is here:

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