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    Posted Tue April 11, 2023 08:50 AM

    Hi, i have a question about IBM Cloud Pak for Security (Gen 3) Version number 1.10.10. I use Qradar and i want to give to my clients daily and weekly reports about their infrastructure like the daily offenses count, user deletions, top 5 destinations from offenses and stuff like that. However, the Report tab in QRadar is not enough for me. So i was wondering if there is any SOAR app i can download from the App Exchange that will have a better format. It will get the reports from Qradar and visualise them better with better colors and graphs and to where i will have more freedom to customise the reports. Is there any such app and if yes how is it called, because i havent found out any yet.
    And if not, what other ways do you use for reporting to customers?
    thank you.

    Nikos Kalonikolaou