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Replays of online event "Consumer IAM with Verify SaaS" of October 17, 2023

  • 1.  Replays of online event "Consumer IAM with Verify SaaS" of October 17, 2023

    Posted Thu October 19, 2023 07:48 AM

    Hi Community!

    Earlier this week,  @Yves Debeer and I hosted an online event featuring Verify SaaS in the context of CIAM, consumer IAM. The event consisted of three parts each lasting about 45 minutes. See below for a description of these three parts.

    Similar to previous webinars, the focus was again on showing things - "show, don't tell".

    The presentations are in the IBM Community library: Replay of the online event "Consumer IAM with Verify SaaS" on October 17, 2023

    The replays are on our YouTube channel:

    The three parts were:

    Part 1: An overview of Verify SaaS.

    After a few slides to give an overview of Verify SaaS, we gave a demo by means of a 'classic' workforce use case: an employee requests access to SalesForce, that access gets approved, and the employee can then use the Verify SaaS IdP to get secure, MFA-enforced access to SalesForce. The demo also includes how the use case was configured: the connector to SalesForce, the access policy, the MFA config, and so on.

    Part 2: A demo on how to implement CIAM for your website.

    We introduced CIAM by discussing CIAM building blocks: CEMA = Capture. Engage. Manage. Administer. Then we gave a 30-minute demo on how a fictitious insurance company, TrustMeInsurance, makes use of Verify SaaS services to implement frictionless IAM user experiences. The demo shows how Verify SaaS and the demo app was configured.

    Part 3: Development of a complete passwordless workflow for consumers

    We shortly introduced the concept of passkeys. Passkeys are mostly used for passwordless authentication, but the account registration typically includes the user having to provide a password. However, we built an app where neither registration nor authentication does not involve the user setting a password. We explain step by step how that app was built. And of course, also show this complete password-free user experience


    - Peter Volckaert

    Peter Volckaert
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