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PRODUCT UPDATE: Helping Protect Your Mobile Channel

  • 1.  PRODUCT UPDATE: Helping Protect Your Mobile Channel

    Posted Tue July 09, 2019 10:25 AM
    Lately our security specialists have seen attempted attacks on Trusteer mobile solutions and observed underground chatter about Trusteer as a mobile fraud blocker. As part of our continuing investment to help protect against rapidly growing mobile fraud tactics, such as reverse engineering, we've added obfuscation to the code you integrate in your Trusteer mobile solutions.

    We've also added a new mobile protection use case to help address fraudster use of virtual environments as a tactic for penetrating mobile applications. Trusteer mobile solutions can now help mitigate this risk by detecting when an app is running in a virtual environment.

    Valerie Bradford
    Product Marketing Manager, Trusteer
    IBM Security
    Brookhaven GA