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  • 1.  MaaS360 Wipe

    Posted Mon April 15, 2024 10:40 AM

    I manage our company-owned devices with MaaS360 
    I have an Android tablet that I sent a wipe request to so I can set it up for a new employee but the wipe seemed to be stuck in pending in the MaaS360 console
    The tablet is on my desk and no wipe has occurred I even tried to BUZZ the device with no response 

    dwayne thomas

  • 2.  RE: MaaS360 Wipe

    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed April 17, 2024 10:20 AM

    Is the device 'last reported' current, meaning that it has checked in since you sent the command?

    You can force a refresh on the device by going to VIEW > MORE > REQUEST DATA REFRESH

    Beat Kramer

  • 3.  RE: MaaS360 Wipe

    Posted Wed April 17, 2024 10:39 AM
    The issue resolved itself overnight
    Thanks for reaching out


    Dwayne Thomas
    IT Manager

    O: 410.766.1150 x 1289
    C: 443-640-5461

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