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Put Time Back on your Side with QRadar XDR. See it in Action

  • 1.  Put Time Back on your Side with QRadar XDR. See it in Action

    Posted Tue December 07, 2021 06:27 PM
    Edited by Jess Leitsch 29 days ago

    As SOCs evolve and modernize to face the challenges of today (and tomorrow), IBM Security has evolved QRadar launched QRadar XDR - The industry's most open and complete threat detection and response solution that eliminates advanced threats faster. 

    QRadar XDR is the industry's first comprehensive extended detection and response (XDR) solution built with open standards and automation that unifies endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR) and security information and event management (SIEM) in one workflow. Save valuable time by connecting insights and leveraging AI to automate tasks and respond quickly.

    The overarching QRadar XDR suite encompassing the offerings below: 

    - QRadar SIEM: Our core SIEM offering, which also includes User Behavior Analytics
    - QRadar NDR: The network detection and analytics components our SIEM, including QRadar Network Insights, QRadar Network Threat Analytics and DNS Analyzer
    - QRadar SOAR: Our core SOAR offering, acquired in 2016 from Resilient, including the optional Breach Response module
    - QRadar XDR Connect: A NEW offering that includes case management, automated investigation, unified search and threat hunting across multiple tools, and threat intelligence. Stay tuned in the coming months to learn more about the future of XDR Connect.
    - EDR: our plans to acquire ReaQta, an innovative EDR company that leverages highly performant AI to automatically detect and block threats at the endpoint

    Share your questions below and register to watch now. 


    Jess Leitsch
    IBM Community Manager

  • 2.  RE: Put Time Back on your Side with QRadar XDR. See it in Action

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi everyone, 
    You can watch the on demand recording here and download the slides here. 

    Please share any of your questions below.

    Jess Leitsch
    IBM Community Manager