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  • 1.  Access Monitor Reporting on Jobname

    Posted Fri May 14, 2021 10:37 AM
    I have been trying to use AM.1   (Access Monitor - Access) and my own Carla Code to report on who/what is accessing some datasets in the environment.   I can see the dataset name and the User ID that accessed the dataset, but I am being asked what was the batch job that accessed the dataset.

    I believe I see JOBNAME as a valid for that record type, but when the report is ran, jobname is always empty.           I even tried a broader search and it seems there is nothing in the jobname field?

    Is there a way to see the job that accessed that dataset/resource?

    Linnea Sullivan

  • 2.  RE: Access Monitor Reporting on Jobname

    Posted Sun May 16, 2021 06:55 AM
    Edited by Jeroen Tiggelman Sun May 16, 2021 06:59 AM
    Hi Linnea,

    Near the beginning of the "RACF Access Monitor" chapter in the zSecure Admin and Audit for RACF User Reference Manual, you will find the sentence "The Jobname and Port of Entry information are present only if the Access Monitor task has been configure to collect that information. Collecting these fields makes consolidation less effective, so collect this information only insofar as you need it". The book then describes how you can configure this.

    When you have the information collected, you should tag the option 'Show configured fields' to see them in AM.1, and then--and only then--you will also be offered selection on these fields at the top of the panel brought up by 'Further selection'.

    I hope this helps,

    Jeroen Tiggelman
    Software Development and Level 3 Support Manager IBM Security zSecure Suite

  • 3.  RE: Access Monitor Reporting on Jobname

    Posted Mon May 17, 2021 04:14 PM
    Hi Linnea,

    Please look over the zSecure installation and deployment guide, specifically regarding the C2PAMJOB member that can be set up.
    Definition of the users or classes for which to collect detail data

    This will allow collection of job names for users specified in the member.