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Listing CONNECT entries for a date range

  • 1.  Listing CONNECT entries for a date range

    Posted Fri September 24, 2021 04:37 AM
    Earlier this week a friend asked me how to list CONNECTs to a specific group that were created on a specific day.  You can add the connection date in a CARLa report easily enough, using the CGAUTHDA field, but can you use SUBSELECT to limit the hundreds of connect entries to just that day?

    The SUBSELECT CONNECTS field names can be found in the CARLa language reference, section for DEFINE, subsection "Subselect clauses."  Table 10 (in my version of the manual) lists the field names for CONNECTS. There is a GRPRESUMEDT, GRPREVOKEDT, but no Connect date.  So you cannot use SUBSELECT to reduce the list of user IDs in a group.

    In fact there have been questions about this very topic before, in Support Forums and another related.

    However, there is a solution for the wiley CARLa programmer.  Newlist type=RACF_ACCESS provides an entry for every PERMIT in a profile, and for consistency it does the same for CONNECTs.  And you can use lookup from a connect entry to the connect attributes!  So who was connected on September 1st to group MYGROUP1, MYGROUP2, etc?

    newlist type=racf_access
      select class=group profile=MYGROUP* id:cgauthda=01sep2021
      sortlist profile(8,"Group") id("Userid") id:cgauthda

    Rob van Hoboken