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fn_pagerduty KeyError: 'resilient_client'

  • 1.  fn_pagerduty KeyError: 'resilient_client'

    Posted Thu January 06, 2022 04:34 PM
    My Trigger PagerDuty Incident is failing with key error appDict['resilient_client']. 

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/home/resadmin/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/fn_pagerduty/components/", line 41, in _pagerduty_create_incident_function
        resp = create_incident(createDict)
      File "/home/resadmin/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/fn_pagerduty/components/", line 46, in create_incident
        session = APISession(appDict['api_token'], name=appDict['resilient_client'], default_from=appDict['from_email'])
    KeyError: 'resilient_client'​

    Not sure what 'resilient_client' should be set to because not mentioned in docs

    $cat /home/resadmin/.resilient/app.config | grep -A 4 pagerduty
    # bypass https certificate validation (only set to False for testing purposes)

    Irek Romaniuk

  • 2.  RE: fn_pagerduty KeyError: 'resilient_client'

    Posted Fri February 11, 2022 08:55 AM
    Hi Irek,

    Apologies for the delay in replying. 'resilient-client' is an app.config setting use to identify the source of the pagerDuty alert. It was missed in the templated app.config settings file. My settings look like this:

    # name of application when link viewed in Resilient
    resilient_client=IBM Resilient

    Mark Scherfling