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GKLM Install with Existing DB2 not working

  • 1.  GKLM Install with Existing DB2 not working

    Posted Mon April 11, 2022 09:12 AM
    The GKLM Manual states that you can install GKLM and reuse an existing DB2 install. I had setup a Windows 2019 server with the GKLM 4.1.1 installation code. There is no detailed notes in the manual on specifically how to do this. I have db2 11.5.6 installed and working already.

    For the tradition GUI installer if you leave the DB2 Install ticked and set the installation directory to the currently installed DB2 you get the error that the directory already contains files in it and the install cannot progress. CRIMA1039E: The installation directory C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB exists and contains files. The installation did not start because the installation directory contains files.

    For the tradition GUI installer if uncheck the DB2 Install you get an error that WAS and DB2 must be installed and you cannot continue. CTGKM9090E IBM Db2 and IBM WebSphere Application Server offerings must be selected for IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager installation to proceed.

    For the traditional Silent install you have an extra option as a response key which you can set to true - <data key='user.DB2_EXISTS,' value='true'/> but the installer process get the same error as the GUI. It does seem to make it to a step where it considere the exist = true key.

    I could not find any training, support or discussions on how to do this and the manual has no specific notes and there is not an example response file in the installation media for this type of install.

    It would be great to here from someone who has done this or have someone in the lab do a quick test to see if this is actually supported by the installer.


    Tony Winch