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Helpful links for OMEGAMON Data Provider information


This is intended to be a living document of useful links associated with OMEGAMON Data Provider and OMEGAMON AI Insights

ODP Announcement Letter – November 9th, 2021: Here

OMEGAMON AI Insights Announcement Letter - September 5th, 2023: Here

Product Documentation

Latest ODP Installation and User’s Guide  - web version - we recommend this: Here

Current and prior versions of the Installation and User's Guide:  back to original release - PDF version only: Here

Open z Data Demo content and guide on GitHub: Here

Instana Observability for IBM z/OS: Here

OMEGAMON AI Insights Users Guide: Here

ODP related Blogs

Introduction to ODP: Here
Installation considerations for ODP: Here
Analytics dreams really do come true with new ODP: Here
Now streaming CICS and Db2: Here
CICS & Db2 Dashboards available: Here
ITOM mash ups: Music to your ears!: Here
Now streaming IMS and JVM: Here
IMS & JVM Dashboards available: Here
ODP + Logstash: A Gateway to the world of Analytics and AI: Here
Instana, all z/OS Agents and more added to OMEGAMON Data Provider: Here
Get to know you Hybrid Cloud DevOps "neighbors" with Instana and OMEGAMON: Here.   Includes video of Instana/OMEGAMON demonstration
New updates to enhance enterprise observability on z/OS with Instana: Here
Let’s create systems that can fix themselves:  Can we create AIOPs monitoring from AIOPs analytics?: Here
Observability – game changing monitoring via OMEGAMON Data Provider including new functions : Here
OMEGAMON + SA = Self Driving Mainframes: Here
Updates to ODP Dashboards, improved Instana Integration and Machine Learning direction: Here
Instana on z/OS wins 2023 DEVIES award for Monitoring and Observability: Here. Includes video of Instana and OMEGAMON integration - an overview
UPDATE! A recent storm taught us we need to be more prepared! Here

Instana Integration with OMEGAMON - Hints and Tips Here

Updating to APAR OA64880/PTF UJ93165 - a series of blogs:

  • New OMEGAMON Data Provider – new function and changed deployment – PREPARE! : Here
    Disruptive changes in latest OMEGAMON Data Provider service: Here
    Other non-breaking changes to OMEGAMON Data Provider service: Here
    Upgrading to the latest OMEGAMON Data Provider: Here

ODP introduces a new output type: HTTP(S) POST requestsHere
Elastic Index Lifecycle Management and ODP: Here
New Exploiters of ODP: Here
Open Source and Performance Improvement to ODP - APAR OA65724 /PTF UJ94340 - This is a disruptive install for existing ODP users: Here
APAR 9: APAR OA66223/PTF UJ95209  ODP Update - This is a disruptive install for existing ODP users: Here

OMEGAMON AI Insights Blogs

Introducing OMEGAMON AI Insights: Here
Video Overviews of OMEGAMON AI Insights: Here
Summary from IBM Z APAC Webinar on OMEGAMON AI Insights: Here


8+ minute overview video: Here

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