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IMS and JVM streaming via OMEGAMON Data Provider now available


It's time for another functional update of OMEGAMON Data Provider. Up to this point, we've released streaming and dashboards for z/OS, CICS and Db2. With this update, IMS and JVM agents can now stream their data.


There are functional enhancements as well.  One that allows for greater filtering of content. Originally, only a global-level filter was available. That meant that all outputs received the exact same content. That global-level filter still exists but can be overridden by new output-level filtering for each sink being streamed.


Another enhancement was made for TCP output. In prior code levels, only a single TCP output could be specified. For example, either Elastic or Splunk, but not both. ODP now allows for multiple TCP output sinks. A business can stream to Splunk and Elastic and deliver different data to each via output-level filtering. In fact, it could be multiple instances of either Splunk or Elastic with different data streams. This is to reduce data movement as well as enable a business to target specific personas for tailored analytics.


As we’ve done in the past, sample dashboards will be published on GitHub within the next two months. If you are comfortable with building Elastic dashboards, leverage our documentation to build your own or do mashups from our existing samples.


The APAR for these enhancements is OA62775 and the PTF you’ll need is UJ07952. There should be no other pre-reqs beyond what’s been described in the initial OMEGAMON Data Provider announcement, which can be found here.


Example of two TCP sinks done within connect.yaml:



  port: 9070                                                            




      enabled: true                                                    

      hostname: xxxx.xxxxx.xxxx

      port: 15461                                                       



      enabled: false                                                   


      enabled: true                                                     



          enabled: true                                                

          hostname: localhost                                          

          port: 15464                                                  


          enabled: true                                                 

          hostname: localhost                                           

          port: 15465



Example of a global-level filter with an output-level filter on each TCP output sink:

Stay tuned for the next update coming in a couple of months or so. Be on the lookout for the sample Elastic dashboards for IMS and JVM to be posted. We are also planning some more functional enhancements with some additional agent support.


To learn more about the OMEGAMON Data Provider, we have the following resources available:

ODP Installation and User’s Guide

Introductory Blog

Introductory video – a bit less than nine minutes long
Sample Dashboards on GitHub

Last blog update, introducing the CICS and Db2 sample Elastic Dashboards

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