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New Exploiters of OMEGAMON Data Provider


ODP is used within the OMEGAMON agents to stream performance metrics to a wide variety of analytic servers to enable customers to gain additional insights on the performance of their environment.

While ODP was a new offering within performance monitoring suites when first introduced in 2021, the basic capabilities for streaming data had already been provided within IBM IMS Performance Analyzer, IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench, IBM IMS Connect Extensions and IBM CICS Performance Analyzer

There are many other performance monitoring products available from IBM. Recently, two of them have adopted ODP to stream some of their performance metrics as well. In November, IBM introduced a new release of IBM Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS and a new offering, IBM Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS.

Db2 Query Monitor

With the OMEGAMON agents, metrics can be streamed once per minute or less frequently, based on customer need. With Db2 Query Monitor, data is collected much more rapidly and be streamed more often. This has led to performance improvements within ODP to meet these needs. Query Monitor's initial exploitation of ODP consists of Summaries, Intervals and SQLCodes. 

Documentation for the configuration of ODP with Query Monitor can be found here.  

Documentation for the starter set of dashboards can be found here. 

The starter Elastic dashboards can be found here.  

Db2 Automation Expert

This is a new product offering. Db2 Automation Expert offers powerful and flexible features to help you to keep your Db2 maintenance tasks on schedule and your Db2 data optimized for performance and recoverability. It streams the real-time RUNSTATS statistics data to analytics platforms.

Its documentation for the setup of ODP and overview of their starter dashboards can be found here

The starter Elastic dashboards can be found here.

Other ODP Exploiters

As mentioned, when announced, the new IBM OMEGAMON AI agents, z/OS, Networks and JVM, now include ODP, in order to stream to the new IBM OMEGAMON AI Insights offering included with those agents. You can find more about OMEGAMON AI Insights  here.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are key elements of the IBM Systems strategy. Products are being updated to exploit these capabilities. ODP is one means for facilitating the streaming of data to analytics platforms. To get more information about ODP and OMEGAMON AI Insights, please see our Master Blog for additional information.