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Video Overviews of OMEGAMON AI Insights


In a previous blog, we introduced the new offering OMEGAMON AI Insights, that is available as part of IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS 6.1, IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks 6.1 or IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for JVM, 6.1. In this blog, we've included some short videos to further explain and demonstrate the capabilities of OMEGAMON AI Insights. 

A Business Problem

Any AI/ML offering requires data from which it can build a model and then be used to predict abhorrent behaviors. Such is true for OMEGAMON AI Insights. We worked with several large customers who shared SMF data with us. From that, we tested the data against our algorithms. You'll see in the video a surprising result was identified and shared with that customer. The better news is with OMEGAMON AI Insights, the same data found in SMF records is available in real time via OMEGAMON Data Provider and IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS. As a result, problems can be detected much earlier and avoid costs to the business. 

This 1:35 minute video can be found: here.

Architectural Overview

In the prior blog, we showed the architecture in a series of charts. This video goes over those charts with additional information with regard to the operations and curated list of problems that this initial release is prepared to handle.

 This 7:13 minute video can be found: here.


This video shows one of the z/OS models being leveraged with Elastic Kibana dashboards that are available with the offering. Remember, this is a test system upon which the demo is operating. Test systems generally don't have the same cyclic operations of a production environment. OMEGAMON AI Insights combines the value of anomaly detection with the existing ODP Elastic starter dashboards to enable a faster mean time to resolve performance issues that get identified. 

 This 5:30 minute video can be found: here.


OMEGAMON AI Insights is available to be applied to a curated set of data available from OMEGAMON AI agents for z/OS, Networks and JVM. There is plenty for a business to learn and benefit from this initial offering. And there's so much more that will be possible in the future. The future remains dependent on early sponsorship by businesses to help refine the models and identify additional opportunities for leveraging AI. If you'd like to work closely with our development team, feel free to contact me here

As always, this blog and previous blogs on ODP and OMEGAMON AI Insights are available from our master blog