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Instana on z/OS wins 2023 DEVIES award for Monitoring and Observability


We’re delighted to share the news that IBM Instana’s capabilities for bringing z/OS telemetry data to enterprise-wide observability has been recognized with the 2023 DEVIES award for Monitoring and Observability. These annual awards presented by DeveloperWeek cover all aspects of the IT industry from cloud to mainframe and everything in between. The award highlights the growing identification of the need for comprehensive visibility across strategic workloads and applications.

The award recognizes both IBM’s positioning to identify a key need in the enterprise-observability space and the technical capabilities to deliver on this vision and support application tracing into z/OS and key subsystems like CICS, IMS, DB2 and MQ.

Why observability and the mainframe?

Observability has become one of the hottest topics in enterprise IT today. Many organizations struggle to get a joined-up operational perspective on their critical applications due to a disjointed data collection and user experience, which leads to delays in detecting and isolating incidents ultimately impacting the time to resolve. 

The majority of APM/Observability solutions today have limited or no visibility into the mainframe, effectively isolating it while managing applications. With Instana’s capabilities for z/OS we are bringing the IBM mainframe directly into enterprise-wide observability. IBM zSystems continues to be the foundation of leading organizations’ operations running critical workloads 24/7 due to its scalability, security and sustainability.


This trace data can be used to not only provide critical application response time details but also provide a complete application topology. With the continued development of complex applications spanning mobile, public cloud and on-premise environments, the enablement of an application-centric view has never been more critical to quickly isolating application performance issues. Instana’s out-of-the-box transaction tracing capability can be complemented with key infrastructure metrics sourced from OMEGAMON to add context to the triage of application problems.

Learn more about Instana and “mobile to mainframe” observability

If these challenges sound familiar to you, then consider taking a closer look at what Instana can do for you. For example, in this video learn how a hybrid application problem detected by Instana can be quickly isolated to ensure the right expert is engaged and resolved in a timely manner. Also, learn about our recent enhancement for deep tracing into DB2. If these capabilities interest you, please do reach out to your IBM representative for a demonstration and discussion.


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Good summary of Instana's capabilities!!!!