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Get to know your Hybrid Cloud DevOps “neighbors” with Instana and OMEGAMON

Hipper dev with skate board is meeting his admin neighbors across the fence

Development Operations collaboration -> DevOps!


Applications are rarely resident on a single platform, nor controlled by a single development or administration team.  Typical enterprise applications stretch across both cloud-based and on-premises based environments.  It takes an enterprise-wide team to develop, operate, manage, backup, upgrade these hybrid cloud applications end-to-end.  Development teams and Operations teams must collaborate extensively.  The term DevOps was coined to describe this extensive teamwork, which is required for modern enterprise-level applications. 


For monitoring the performance and availability of hybrid applications, managing upgrades of these applications, and to foster the collaboration, there’s no better tool integration than the integration of the IBM Instana hybrid cloud monitoring product, with the IBM Z OMEGAMON monitoring product.  Instana+OMEGAMON is a great way to get to know your hybrid cloud neighbors, the data they each look at, to manage their part of the overall application, and collaborate directly when issues arise, or new roll outs are in progress!

As DevOps collaborators, see both sides of the story!

Our colleague Aaron Young created a video which shows the full power of this integration, with application “trace” information, that shows how specific transactions are operating “vertically”, up and down the cloud and on-prem infrastructure “layers”, but also gives a great overall health view, across each “horizontal” infrastructure layer, like a transaction system, message bus, database, or web server.

hybrid cloud architecture diagram

See Instana+OMEGAMON in action!

In the video, we start with the trace view, and see a back end database slow down, which Instana alerts on, then we show a very comprehensive view of the IBM Z back end horizontal layers, such as CICS Regions and Db2.  Along the way, we show the Application Dependency view, and the Infrastructure view.


Credit: Aaron Young, IBM


The YouTube video below is definitely very informative for developers, operators, sys admins, SMEs, release managers, leadership teams, so find a few minutes to give it a watch!  Comment below with your thoughts and questions.

Credit: Aaron Young, IBM 

General comment
While this great composite view of Application traces and Infrastructure metrics, described here using the OMEGAMON Data Provider (ODP) assumes you already have access to OMEGAMON, customers can still get an end-to-end hybrid cloud application view, for distributed and mainframe environments, using just Instana!




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