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CPLEX OPL Capabilities

  • 1.  CPLEX OPL Capabilities

    Posted Fri June 24, 2022 10:00 AM

  • 2.  RE: CPLEX OPL Capabilities

    Posted Fri June 24, 2022 11:51 AM

    Hi Jack,


    Try this for question 3.



    int BigM=99999999;

    tuple TFreightTypes {

      key string Destination;

      key string VehicleType;

      int TotalWeight;

      key string Company;

      int Cost;



    tuple TOrders {

      key int OrderNumber;

      float Weight;

      string ClientId;

      string Destination;

      string MaterialCategory;

      int CategoryPriority;



    {TFreightTypes}    FreightTypes = ...;

    {TOrders}    Orders = ...;


    {int} Set_CategoryPriority={o.CategoryPriority| o in Orders};



    dvar boolean Assignment[Orders][FreightTypes];

    dvar boolean x_dvb_OrderFreightType[Set_CategoryPriority][FreightTypes];

    dvar int+ x_dvi_SlackOrderFreightType[Set_CategoryPriority];

    //choose freight with total minimum cost

    dexpr float objective =

      sum(o in Orders, f in FreightTypes)

         Assignment[o][f] * f.Cost;


    //try to put all orders with CategoryPriority=1 on one truck

    dexpr float objective1 =

    BigM*sum(o in Set_CategoryPriority)x_dvi_SlackOrderFreightType[o];


    minimize 0.95*objective+0.05*objective1;



    subject to{


      //c1: all order must be fulfilled


    forall(o in Orders)

    sum(f in FreightTypes) Assignment[o][f]==1;      


    //Remove this constraint

    //I just added it to test the grouping high priority

    forall(f in FreightTypes: f.VehicleType in {"Type1","Type2"})

    sum(o in Orders) Assignment[o][f]<=1;


    //Remove this constraint

    //I just added it to test the grouping high priority

    forall(f in FreightTypes: f.VehicleType =="Type3")

    sum(o in Orders) Assignment[o][f]<=2;


    //Important constraints

    //The constraint new_cts_1 tries to put all orders with the same priority on one freight

    //This is achieved by minimizing objective1 with is based on the integer variable x_dvi_SlackOrderFreightType

    forall(o in Set_CategoryPriority)

    new_cts_1:sum(f in FreightTypes)x_dvb_OrderFreightType[o][f]==1+x_dvi_SlackOrderFreightType[o];


    //Link the new decision variables x_dvb_OrderFreightType and Assignment

    forall(o in Orders,f in FreightTypes)



    forall(categ in Set_CategoryPriority,f in FreightTypes)

      x_dvb_OrderFreightType[categ][f]<=sum(o in Orders:

      categ==o.CategoryPriority) Assignment[o][f];






      for(var o in Orders)

      for(var f in FreightTypes)


    writeln("<","<",o.OrderNumber," ",

    o.Weight," ",

    o.ClientId," ",

    o.Destination," ",

    o.MaterialCategory," ",


    "<",f.Company," ",f.Cost," ",f.Destination, " ",f.VehicleType,">",">")




    FreightTypes = {

        <"LONDON","Type1",20000,"SP TRANSPORTS",20000>,

        <"LONDON","Type2",20000,"SP TRANSPORTS",20000>,

        <"DURHAM","Type3",10000,"SP TRANSPORTS",20000>,



    Orders = {









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