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  • Here is the answer someone gave me from: ------------------------------ Nikolay Chernuha ------------------------------

  • Same, I didnt find anything. Im wondering how it compares with NVIDIA and Google cards. ------------------------------ Daniel Lopez Sainz ------------------------------

  • Hello, I have found a post about IBM Artificial Intelligence Unit: IBM Research Blog IBM's new AIU artificial intelligence chip | IBM Research ...

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  • According to a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study, organizations that implement a broad #AI ethics strategy, interwoven throughout business units, are more likely to maintain a competitive advantage moving forward. #IBM VP, ...

  • One of the toughest things for any business is dealing with customer churn . Customer churn, also known as attrition, is the rate at which your customers leave your business. The worst part about it? There's usually no warning until they're gone forever ...

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  • Simply put, a cognitive enterprise refers to a company that improves customer experience through the combination of creative processes and data with varying disruptive technologies. Generally, these technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), ...

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  • Explaining Machine Learning: Opening the “black box” Steep progress in advanced machine learning techniques has resulted in an unprecedented surge of interest in utilizing increasingly complex artificial intelligence (AI) architectures, such as Deep ...

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  • Introducing IBM AI Governance - Driving Trust, Transparency and AI Explainability Webinar

    Register today and Break OPEN the Black BOX! AI is no longer a choice! The next phase of AI is unfolding, make sure you are in the know. AI Adoption is imperative to:
    • Beat the competition and gain competitive edge
    • Speed to market with innovative products and services
    • Exceed customer expectations
    • Reduce risk and fraud
    • Drive revenue growth.
    Successful AI is not guaranteed and does not always come easy, AI initiatives require governance, compliance with corporate and ethical principles, laws, and regulations. Stakeholders, customers, and government entities are demanding transparent and explainable AI, noncompliance can lead to customer mistrust, brand erosion, audits, and fines.
    Join our panel of leading industry experts to learn how organizations like yours are addressing 3 critical questions when adopting AI:
    • How does my organization operationalize AI with confidence?
    • How do we better manage AI risk to avoid brand degradation?
    • How does my organization scale while complying with the growing AI regulations?
    • Learn about the steps IBM is taking to help our customers develop a consistent, transparent, and repeatable model management process.
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