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Data and AI Forum

The inaugural Data and AI Virtual Forum, happening Wednesday, June 17th at 9:00am ET, is focused on helping you bridge the talent gap. This three-part event series is specifically designed to give you the tools to tackle the most common AI challenges: talent scarcity, data complexity, and a lack of trust in AI systems. 

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AI 4 Kids

AI 4 Kids

Are you looking for Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning content appropriate for kids? This is the place for you! Our catalog contains links to interesting student-appropriate AI content.

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Skill up on AI now

Complimentary data science and AI courses, all from the comfort of your laptop. Get skilled up with courses from beginning to expert level.

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Get hands on product skills

Step-by-step guidance for building AI-powered applications. From getting your data ready to deploying models to mitigating bias.

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Accelerate your Journey to AI

Authors Rob Thomas and Paul Zikopoulos from IBM introduce the AI Ladder—a unified, prescriptive approach to help companies accelerate their AI journey, no matter where they are in the process.  

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Cloud Pak for Data Experience

Explore this flexible multicloud data platform with free access to a hosted environment. This experience includes a guided journey where you will learn how to collect, organize, and analyze your data to build AI-powered applications.

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IBM Demos

Seeing is Believing. Quickly discover the demos you want!

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Making Data Simple

Welcome to the Making Data Simple podcast! Host Al Martin, IBM VP of Hybrid Data Management & Client Success, talks with passionate professionals to get their take on the latest trends in the business and tech industries.

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