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The IBM Centers for Advanced Studies (CAS) is a system of engagement for academic collaboration with IBM. We connect IBMers with students, educators and researchers applying IBM technology to business and societal challenges. We host research and education projects, and an annual conference. 

The Founding of CAS

CAS was established in 1990 at the IBM Toronto Software Laboratory. The primary aim of CAS is to facilitate the transfer of research ideas into the products and services in IBM. The first CASCON was held in November 1991 at IBM Toronto Lab, which grew to become the premiere conference in computer science and software engineering in Canada. Today it is one of the most important international conferences in the world in areas such as software engineering, database technology, and the smart internet. Under the founding leadership of CAS Director Jacob Slonim and Associate Director Arthur Ryman, CAS sought out university professors to partner with IBM developers and researchers in a relationship that was unique in the world at the time. Collaborations of a different CAS’ success rapidly became visible world-wide, and other companies and universities began to use the CAS model as a template for successful university-industry relationships.

Our Mission

Deliver innovation that matters, for IBM and the world.

Co-create meaningful futures with researchers, learners, businesses and communities via applied research collaboration, work integrated learning, and technology power skills training.

  • Accelerate technology innovation by uniting academic researchers, IBM technical staff and clients.
  • Elevate technology application by equipping learners to deliver meaningful human outcomes.

Visit our website for more details.

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