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SPSS Modeler 18.2.2 License missing

  • 1.  SPSS Modeler 18.2.2 License missing

    Posted Sun February 27, 2022 02:08 PM
    Hello, My name is Nicholas Ascanio and I'm Data Consultant in Venezuela.

    4 days ago I had to format my hard drive, where among other things I have my SPSS Statistical 28.x and Modeler 18.x software's and license's.
    I don't remember who gave me access to SPSS Modeler 18.x.
    Can you give me temporary access or contact to obtaimt the temporal license (two years)?
    I am participating in a WBS for a client in Brazil and I think I will give the training.
    Thank you very much for your guidance.


    Nicolas Rafael Ascanio Pena Data Consultant: Generalist, IBM Expert Labs
    Consultant Data & AI
    +58 424 1406472

  • 2.  RE: SPSS Modeler 18.2.2 License missing

    Posted Mon February 28, 2022 02:56 PM


    please go here https://www.ibm.com/mysupport/s/forumsproduct?language=en_US&name=SPSS%20Licensing&id=0TO500000001xvJGAQ

    and "Open a case to get help with SPSS License issues". 



    Nicolas Auvillain