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Exploratory Analysis of Loans Data

  • 1.  Exploratory Analysis of Loans Data

    Posted Wed September 22, 2021 09:10 AM
    I used Watson Studio to make this Exploratory Analysis of USA Corporation Loans Data.

    Dataset Link:

    - Public authorities are required by Section 2800 of Public Authorities Law to submit annual reports to the Authorities Budget Office that include loans data. Local development corporations are required to report information on the projects they support and how those approved projects are financed (either through grants, loans, or bonds). The dataset consists of loans data reported by Local Development Corporations beginning with fiscal years ending in 2011.

    About The Dataset:
    - This dataset contains 13,513 loans with 18 variables (columns) on each loan (rows), including loan amount, borrower rate (or interest rate), original loan amount, loan term completed, and many others.

    The dataset contains data about the details of the various loans taken by The Local development corporations (Borrowers) from The Public authorities.
    Each row in the dataset represents a loan, which is described by various attributes about the Borrower such as Original Loan Amount, Loan Purpose, and Amount Repaid. It also describes other parameters such as Loan Terms Completed, Interest Rate, etc.

    - The main features of interest in this dataset:

    I'm interested in figuring out what features are best for **Predicting the Risk** for each loan.

    - The features in the dataset I think will help support my investigation into my features of interest:

    The following are the important features that I'll use in this exploration:
    1. Authority Name.
    2. Loan Fund Sources
    3. Original Loan Amount
    4. Interest Rate
    5. Loan Length
    6. Amount Repaid
    7. Loan Purpose
    8. Loan Terms Completed
    9. Jobs Planned
    10. Jobs Created

    Through This analysis, I tried to answer some questions, such as:
    1. What Are The Most Common purposes for Taking Loans?
    2. How Many Borrowers Didn't Repay Their Loans?
    3. What is the Distribution of Original Loan Amount, Interest Rate, and Loan Length?
    4. Does the Interest Rate Affected By The Original Loan Amount?
    5. Does the Original Loan Amount Related to the Loan Purpose?
    6. Does the Risk Status Affected by the Original Loan Amount?
    7. Does the Risk Status Affected by the Interest Rate?
    8. Does the Risk Status Affected by the Loan Length?
    And other questions.

    I used many types of visualization to illustrate different insights from the dataset. Such as Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Visualization.

    After this analysis, I created HTML Presentation to express my findings from this analysis.

    Thank you

    Essam Ali