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Introduction to IBM Watson

  • 1.  Introduction to IBM Watson

    Posted Thu September 24, 2020 12:49 PM

    It's been a while since I've published an article here on Hashnode, but today I am on IBM Watson and I have always loved to speak with people on this technology. We all know IBM Watson when we talk about it, IBM Watson is a technology that was created by IBM but you will have a clear understanding of what IBM Watson when you are done with reading this article.

    What is IBM Watson?

    IBM is a cognitive computing platform that was actually developed as a Q&A (Question and answering computer system) that has the capability of answering questions that have been written in a natural language. There is a lot about the cognitive computing platform like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Reasoning and AI mainly.

    IBM Watson has been existing since 2010 and it is named after IBM's first CEO, Thomas J. Watson. Watson was created to accept questions that are written in the Natural Language form and show the results in AI and algorithm in series of data. IBM Watson is mainly used in AI by IBM Watson programmers, students, data scientists and researchers etc.

    IBM Watson Studio

    There is a tool called the IBM Watson studio, it helps data scientists and researchers to build data models in such a way that it it scales across any cloud. It has a open and flexible cloud structure and provides capabilities that will help businesses for the clarification of enterprises like AI. Watson studio is very powerful and it is open-source, it also has a code-free data analytics tool that can help data scientists and students more. IBM Watson studio is what people use and it is free for students and even anyone who wants to use it.

    IBM Watson Health

    IBM Watson Health is what lots of people are using especially the users of IBM Watson who are into healthcare. IBM Watson health uses AI to check insights that can improve the population's health and healthcare.

    IBM Watson Assistant

    IBM Watson assistant is a platform that helps with conversation with people faster. It gives the accurate answer to any question. It is the most popular tool of IBM Watson and it is used for as a chatbot in websites mainly.

    IBM Watson has an API called the IBM Watson API, it is a tool that was created by IBM Developers for the purpose of using IBM Watson's services faster. Series of developer resources like IBM Watson APIs and SDKs can be found here. IBM Watson API is this tool that makes everything easy for an IBM Watson Developer and it also been integrated by the core IBM Developers.

    In conclusion, IBM Watson performs analytics and on lots of repositories of data, it was mainly built to answer human-posed questions in less than a second. It is easy to use and it can be used by different people like students, developers, even data analysts and researchers. It is a technology that can be used by almost everyone for providing different solutions.

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