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Some German translations need improvement

  • 1.  Some German translations need improvement

    Posted Sun November 14, 2021 05:31 PM
    Dear SPSS team,

    I started using SPSS only recently, and I use it for teaching purposes only. During the short while I am using it, I encountered several instances of very very poor translations. A few examples:

    • Power analysis (Poweranalyse): In the menu, power is translated as "Exponent" (power of a number, indicated as a superscript). In the output for the one sample t-Test, it is translated as "Exponent" again, or as "Leistung" (would be the correct word for the power of a car). The power of a statistical test might be translated as "Macht", "Güte" or "Teststärke"
    • Output of mixed model analysis, when requesting estimates of fixed effects: "levels" is translated as "Ebenen" (planes?) instead of "Stufen"
    • Menu on means: the list of statistics that can be requested contains the word "Bereich", a literal translation of "range". The output shows the correct technical term "Spannweite".

    The poor quality of translations is an impediment to understanding the meaning of menus and outputs in German version SPSS. Translations need substantial improvement.


    Ulrike Grömping

    Ulrike Grömping

  • 2.  RE: Some German translations need improvement

    Posted Mon November 15, 2021 07:50 AM
    Thank you very much for this. I am passing your notes on to the team who do the translations.