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  • 1.  Box-Plots

    Posted Fri December 03, 2021 12:03 PM
    Dear SPSS Team,

    after two hours of trying I still don't it. I have a dataset of around 300 subjects with patients and controls. What I would like to do is have boxplots displayed in pairs for a number of continues variables. on the X-axis the name of the cont. variables should be displayed and above it should appear two boxes, one for patients and one for controls; in one graph this should be done side by side for said number of cont. variables.

    is this possible? in explore data I can do this for one variable at a time but not for many side-by-side in one graph.

    Any chance that is doable?

    cheers, stay safe

    johannes achenbach

  • 2.  RE: Box-Plots

    Posted Mon December 06, 2021 08:55 AM
    Go to Graphs->Legacy Dialogs->Boxplots
    Choose "Summary of separate variables"

    Drag your continuous variables into the "Boxes Represent" box

    LOUIS Kittock