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  • 1.  SPSS startup slow / Windows Antivirus?

    Posted Mon December 27, 2021 04:55 AM
    recently I my  SPSS 28 startup became slow when launching the app. I've added the SPSS (C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\) path the Windows Defender exclusion list as described here but it does not  seem to help.

    What is strange is that the startup is slow only when I open SPSS by clicking on a .sav or script file. It takes 10-15 seconds before I even see the IBM/SPSS logo.
    However, If I launch SPSS directly (e.g. from the start menu or from the desktop icon) it launches fast.

    It is definitely a Windows/Defender issue because it goes away if I disable and enable again the Win Antivirus. However after a reboot of the PC, the issue comes back.

    I'm aware this question should be asked rather on a Windows support forum but maybe someone here has a similar issue.

    thanks in advance  for your help


  • 2.  RE: SPSS startup slow / Windows Antivirus?
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    Posted Mon December 27, 2021 08:43 AM
    Edited by Jan C Wed December 29, 2021 02:18 AM
    I tried this on my Win 10 system, and the launch time was the same (< 4 seconds to splash screen display) either way.  I have my installation folder excluded from Defender scans.  I can't think of a convincing reason for the difference you are seeing, but one wild guess is that you have two Statistics installations installed, and starting from the sav file is launching the other one, and that one is not excluded from the Defender scan.

    p.s.  You might want to check the Open With properties in the context menu that appears when you right click on a file.

  • 3.  RE: SPSS startup slow / Windows Antivirus?

    Posted Wed December 29, 2021 02:18 AM
    Hi Jon

    I've tried on another Windows 10 where it works as expected. I think I managed to make it work also on my original system by adding the exclusion path to the Win antivirus.

    thanks for your help!