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    Posted Sun November 28, 2021 02:23 PM
    Cordial greetings,

    Along this week happened Data & AI academic event by IBM Latin America, whose focus is being able to help students and professors of Latin American universities develop the skills required in the technology area, in those days we explore IBM cloud services for data science, learning from Professors who have experience in the field motivating us about this area which provides a great advantage to manipulate a large amount of information and deliver insights, service such as the Watson Auto AI gives us an interface when we want to execute tasks with a lot of data even if we don't have a background in programming since with no code, just clicks we can customize the model, contributing to the analysis method by granting us insights about what we want.

    Within the event, I want to share this image with all of you is the teacher presentation where she shows a roadmap of automated tools.

    We can see here in her slide that each process have, let's say, an ideal service where we can use its functions to develop the section and continue to the next step.
    This provides the opportunity to be more focused on the project as such than on creating tools from scratch, providing more space for creativity, inference, and agile progress towards the desired goals.

    They showed us how's work with an example of logistic regression in a csv format database, following the participation, have ever used these services? how has been your experience?


    Luis Gerardo Ayala Bertel