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Overview of KA7500B Controller

  • 1.  Overview of KA7500B Controller

    Posted Fri April 22, 2022 05:54 AM
    Hope you are doing well today. The KA7500B is used for the control circuit of the PWM switching regulator. This article mainly introduces features, pinout, datasheet and other detailed information about ON Semiconductor KA7500B.

    KA7500B Description

    The KA7500B is utilized in the PWM switching regulator's control circuit. A 5V reference voltage circuit, two error amplifiers, a flip flop, an output control circuit, a PWM comparator, a dead time comparator, and an oscillator are all included in the KA7500B. The switching frequency of this gadget ranges from 1kHz to 300kHz.

    KA7500B CAD Model


    3D Model

    KA7500B Features

    • Internal Regulator Provides a Stable 5V Reference Supply Trimmed to 5%

    • Uncommitted Output TR for 200mA Sink or Source Current

    • Output Control For Push-Pull or Single Ended Operation

    • Variable Duty Cycle By Dead Time Control Complete PWM Control Circuit

    • On-Chip Oscillator With Master or Slave Operation

    • Internal Circuit Prohibits Double Pulse at Either Output

    KA7500B Internal Block Diagram

    KA7500B Typical Application

    KA7500B Applications

    • 5V Reference Source

    • Sawtooth Oscillator

    • Operational Amplifier

    • Comparators

    • Pulse Trigger

    • Quiet Time Comparator

    KA7500B Package

    KA7500B Manufacturer
    ON Semiconductor is a company committed on lowering energy consumption. It has a comprehensive set of energy-saving, customizable power, signal management, and logic solutions. It has a network of manufacturing facilities, sales, offices, and design centers in important markets across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, making it a world-class high-reliability supply chain.

    James Will